Our Team

World of Wild Waters

Oddbjørn Bruland

Project Lead & lead wp 2

Oddbjørn Bruland is me and I am Professor in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering at Institute of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU. “Dynamics of the seasonal Snow Cover in the Arctic” was the topic of my PhD which gave me the opportunity to explore the Arctic and Antarctic. My research interest is in operational hydrology for hydropower planning and the preparedness of the society to future climate challenges. During 10 years as Hydrologist in the hydropower business I was leading the development of a prototype for the new generation of hydrological forecasting tool. This and the experience of seeing own property washed away in an extreme flash floods are behind the idea of WoWW. An executive master degree in Technology Management is also useful when being the project leader of a technological challenging project like WoWW.

Sara Martino

Lead WP 1

Sara Martino is an Associate professor at Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU

Vikas Thakur

Lead WP 3

Andrew Perkis

Lead WP 4

I am Andrew Perkis a professor in media technology at the Department of Electronic systems. I received my Siv.Ing and Dr. Techn. Degrees in 1985 and 1994, respectively. In 2008, I received an executive Master of Technology Management in cooperation from NTNU, NHH and NUS (Singapore). I am with the signal processing group where I do research within the technical aspects of sensor based digital storytelling and Immersive Media Technology Experiences (IMTE). In addition, I am Director of NTNU ARTEC, a transdisciplinary task force promoting new research, collaboration, and innovation across the fields of art, humanities, and technology. In WoWW, I am responsible for supervising the work with respect to the creating the immersive experience and gamification. Furthermore, I also supervise the work on developing frameworks and models for assessing the Quality of Experience.

Christian A. Klöckner

Lead WP 5

I am Christian A. Klöckner, a professor in social psychology and quantitative methods at the Department of Psychology at NTNU. I graduated at the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany in environmental psychology and did also my PhD work there before I moved to Trondheim to take up a position at NTNU. I lead the research group for “Citizen, Environment and Safety” which is doing research on citizen decisions with relation to the environment. I am interested in environmental behaviour as well as environmental communication and have lead projects which studied arts or games in environmental communication. I am the coordinator of several large research projects. In WoWW, I am responsible for supervising the work with respect to the user experience of the AR application and questions around creating an immersive experience. Furthermore, I also supervise the work on evaluating the effects of the AR experience. 



PhD Research Fellows

PhD Research Fellows

Adina Moraru

PhD candidate

I am Adina Moraru, a PhD candidate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (NTNU), working in the Optimization of Numerical Models for the Visualization of Flash Floods in Steep Rivers (Hydraulic Engineering & Hydroinformatics) within the World of Wild Waters (WoWW) project. I hold a BSc in Environmental Sciences (UGR, Spain) and a joint MSc in Geological Hazards (UB and UAB, Spain). My master’s thesis (UNIGE, Switzerland) focused on the study of geomorphic indicators controlling channel widening during flash floods affecting the uppermost areas of selected European rivers. After graduating I collaborated with the Earth Sciences international journal Geologica Acta as a Managing Editor. 

Within WoWW, I intend to simplify and dynamically visualize flash floods in steep rivers and the effect of water forces on riverbanks and structures in and along watercourses based on knowledge about hydraulics, geomorphic observations and hydraulic modelling. Also, I use High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning techniques to create a realistic and dynamically evolving flood event, furtherly visualized in a serious gaming engine. 

Amanda Elizabeth Lai

PhD candidate

I am Amanda Elizabeth Lai, a PhD candidate in Environmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology at NTNU. I graduated at the University of Cagliari in Italy in Social and Organizational Psychology. I have a background in quantitative psychological methods. I’m interested in environmental behaviour, especially behaviours related to sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and risk perception. I’m inspired to investigate for innovation that can improve the environment and equity in health.

In WoWW, I’m responsible for understanding the user experience of the virtual environment (i.e., the effects on human behaviour and risk assessment). I study how the design of the elements within the virtual environment fosters decision-making. Moreover, it’s my responsibility to ensure that the human component is realistically implemented in the simulation application.

Gebray Habtu Alene

PhD candidate

I am Gebray Habtu , a PhD candidate at the geotechnics group within the department of civil and environmental engineering at NTNU. I earned my BSc in civil engineering from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia in 2013 and Msc in Geotechnics and Geohazards from NTNU, Norway in 2016. My PhD project is Modeling and Visualization of Run-out flow landslides within World of Wild Waters (WoWW): Gamification of Geohazards. My role is preparation of run out calculation module for flow landslides of sensitive clays that will precisely capture the run out length, thickness of deposits, flow velocity and impact pressure on infrastructures following the landslide. Visualization of the landslide is also a crucial part of the project. I am  working under the supervision of Vikas Thakur.

Michal Pavlíček

PhD candidate

My name is Michal Pavlíček, I am PhD candidate in Hydraulic Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU. I received my master degree in Water Management and Water Structures at Brno University of Technology in Czechia in 2016. I have background in numerical simulations of free surface flow of water (floods, dam breaks, open channel flow, hydrodynamic load etc.) and in design of water structures. My PhD topic is Hydrodynamic and hydromorphological simulation of floods in steep rivers. My research is focused on bed load transport. My role in WoWW is using numerical modeling to simulate dynamically the water flow, water levels, water ways, water forces, erosion and deposition of masses along watercourses. 

Nitesh Godara​

PhD candidate

I am Nitesh Godara and I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU working on the topic ‘Flash flood hydrology within World of Wild Waters: Gamification of Natural Hazards’. I received my Master’s degree in water resources engineering from NIT Kurukshetra (India) and Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from DCRUST Murthal (india). I have background in geomorphology, remote sensing and GIS technique and runoff modelling using different types of models. leading to seasonal flooding in the steep mountainous catchment. I have experience in runoff modelling using rainfall and snowmelt as the input using MIKE 11 NAM model to know the contribution of rainfall and snowmelt in the runoff leading to seasonal flooding in the steep mountainous catchment. In WoWW project, I am responsible to forecast the peak discharge and flood Hydrographs by using the processed hydrometeorological data for different catchments of Norway. I will be using SHyFT model for the hydrological simulations in this project. 

Shafaq Irshad

PhD candidate

I am Shafaq Irshad, a research fellow in the Department of Electronic Systems at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, NTNU. I received my Bachelors degree in software engineering from UET, Pakistan and M.S. degree in Computer and Information Science from UTP, Malaysia. Previously, I have worked on Design and implementation of User Experience Model for Augmented Reality Systems. My areas of research are Human Mobile Interaction, User Experience, Extended Realities such as Mobile Augmented Reality and Virtual reality. In WoWW project I am working on gamification of immersive virtual environments using sensor based digital storytelling targeting natural hazards.  This will be done by creating an immersive and participatory user experience for deeper understanding of the natural hazard through use of new digital media, especially virtual reality (VR) by developing a framework for presenting realistic VR based scenarios  for risk perception.

Silius Mortensønn Vandeskog

PhD candidate

My name is Silius Mortensønn Vandeskog, and I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTNU. I have a masters in Applied Physics and Mathematics from NTNU. My specialisation is within the field of statistics.  In my masters degree, I focused on modelling the spatial and temporal distributions of diurnal temperature range in Norway. My focus during the WoWW project is on spatial and temporal simulations of extreme weather patterns in Norway. This work will help ensure that all our hydrological simulations use a realistic set of input data.