Highlights EGU23 – OSPP award nomination

Adina Moraru (WP2) attended EGU23 in Vienna earlier this year. The event was very fruitful, she got to interact and catch up over social events, gave a scientific presentation, and got to meet other IAG networks (Italy, Germany, UK, among others) and committee representatives in her role of Norwegian Young Geomorphologists’ National Representative for GeoNorth (see photo gallery below). She attended the EGU23 congress thanks to a generous travel grant by the Norwegian Hydrological Council.

Adina was paired as a mentee with Assoc. Prof. Maria Ansine Jensen (University Centre in Svalbard, Norway) as a mentor in the EGU23 mentorship programme (lower left photo).

Adina’s presentation was nominated for the Outstanding Student and PhD Presentation award.

Additionally, Adina brainstormed potential collaborations with other IAG young geomorphologists networks and planned future events (e.g. she was invited as a member of the scientific committee of the upcoming X Italian Young Geomorphologists’ Day and III IAG International Young Geomorphologists’ Meeting). She was also invited to international cooperation with the University of Turku (Finland) and GeoFieldLab (Norway).