World of Wild waters

Gamification of Natural Hazards

Creating value in the society

WoWW focus on gamification of natural hazards and aim at bringing together knowledge on physical and statistical behavior of Natural Hazards with knowledge on digital storytelling and human behavior to create immersive user experiences based on real data, realistic scenarios and simulations. Experiences to be used as basis for preventive and emergency measures to safe live and cost. WoWW aim at being the future tool for analyzing and communicating cause and effect of potential Natural Hazards as floods and landslides.

WoWW is NTNU's initiative for Digital Transformation

About NTNU

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a public research university with campuses in the cities of TrondheimGjøvik, and Ålesund in Norway, and has become the largest university in Norway, following the university merger in 2016. NTNU has the main national responsibility for education and research in engineering and technology, originated from Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). In addition to engineering and natural sciences, the university offers higher education in other academic disciplines ranging from social sciences, the arts, medical and life sciences, teacher education, architecture and fine art. NTNU is well known for its close collaboration with industry, and particularly with its R&D partner SINTEF, which provided it with the biggest industrial link among all the technical universities in the world.


About NTNU's Digital Transformation

NTNU wants to contribute substantially to make Norway become a prominent provider of transformative digital technology for the international market. We aim to become a key partner for exploiting the digital technology to the fullest in Norway to enhance the competitiveness of existing and emerging industry and to improve public sector functions, while ensuring societal development in tune with the expectations of Norwegian citizens.

NTNU is announced 48 PhD positions to pursue transformative research on the development and application of digital transformation technology. These positions are distributed among 9 multidisciplinary projects with 4-6 PhD-positions involving 2-5 tenured researchers from at least two faculties with supervisor/co-supervisor roles. WoWW is part of this Digital Transformation.

Motivation Behind The Project

Floods  took over the small village of Utvik, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway on July 2017 which is the home town of the project leader. With an aim to avoid such suitations in the future, Oddbjørn Bruland along with four other professors from NTNU proposed World of Wild Water.

WoWW through serious gaming create a holistic understanding of 
cause and effect of natural disasters like floods and landslides by creating an immersive user experience based on real data, realistic scenarios, and simulations.